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what ever happened to Marie and the Prince?

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I was watching the NYCB Nut video with my kids last night and started wondering about the lovely SAB students that play Marie and the Prince, etc., every year. Other than Peter Boal and Eliot Feld, I couldn't think of any that went on to have ballet/dance careers, but I would not be surprised if I am missing a lot. Of course a small percentage of ballet students go on to be professionals but I would have thought that these kids, who are talented and, one assumes hard workers already, woudl be more likely to do so. Can you think of others?

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Marie: Judith Fugate, Jennie Somogyi and Rachel Piskin.

Prince: Chris d'Amboise, Jean-Pierre Frohlich.

Incidentally, Peter Boal and Katherine Healy were "partners" for at least some of their years in the roles.

I'm sure there are more, and although I have the feeling I have overlooked at least one prince-boy, none spring to mind.

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