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"La Danse" - a documentary on Paris Opera Ballet

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If you are a PNB fan and therefore a fan of ballet, you owe it to yourself to see this film while you still can (the venue is on Capitol Hill in Seattle). Here's a quote from sandik from another BT thread.

The run at Northwest Film Forum (Seattle) has been extended, until 12/18 (no show on the 17th, when the theater has its annual holiday party)

And they reminded us last night that they'll be showing Red Shoes in February, with a new 35 mm print.

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I agree it's certainly worth seeing. There's lots of discussion elsewhere on the site, so I won't duplicate, but I am so glad that NWFF is showing this, and was very pleased to learn that they've had so much interest they decided to extend the run. They've had dance events in their space before, and for awhile co-sponsored a new dance film series with the contemporary group 33 Fainting Spells, but 33FS is pretty much moribund, so it's heartening to see that they're still committed to dance film.

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Yes, I've read the entire "other thread" ( http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=30378 ). It is excellent and makes lots of points I agree with. I thoroughly enjoyed the film (as well as Peter Boal's introduction that night). I'm not up on the POB enough to recognize anyone or even to have recognized the ballets (altho I certainly could figure out that I was probably seeing some R&J sequence, the Nutcracker was obvious, the Medea unmistakable); I just wished I had known more about what I was seeing. In spite of that "missing", it was a wonderful "day in the life of" film where the day seen was from the point of view of every conceivable person who works around a ballet company. Any ballet fan can relate to that! Go.....while you still have the chance!

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