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Greetings from Australia


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I was so excited at finding somewhere to talk and find out about ballet, I made a contribution without first introducing myself. Apologies for this oversight.

I am 65, and have loved music all my life. My first love is chamber music, although I long ago decided that my journey being one-way, I would jolly well enjoy anything and everything along the way, quality being the only criterion. I have a particular soft spot for "Baby Love" by the Supremes when I'm not in the ethereal world of Mozart's String Quintets. I leave it to you to decide what that says about me!

I am entirely omnivorous in my general interests, the only criterion again being quality. My schooldays were not happy ones, but although I was only a very average scholar, an early alertness to the question of mortality has had me seizing on every opportunity for self-education, and a sybaritic indulging in all the good things life has to offer.

It was then no small wonder that ballet would attract my interest. At the age of seven, a copy of the old Picture Post magazine came into my possession, and the cover picture was of a ballerina's lower limbs. True to form, I added it to my mental gallery of beautiful things, and added ballet to an ever-growing list of things to enjoy. Sadly, my interest for a very long time was confined to pictures, and imaginings of a world which it was not possible to fully enjoy.

In Singapore in the late Sixties, while on military service there, I saw my first Ballet. It was billed as a "Russian Ballet", and being no more than a succession of rather indifferent 'turns', I was hugely disappointed. I resolved, probably inadvisedly, to not risk further disappointment, and it is only recently that I attended another one, only to be disappointed yet again. Although my knowledge of ballet is limited, I think I know when I'm being 'sold a pup'. So, DVDs it has to be. In this way, I have at last, on a suitably large screen and with a good sound system, managed to achieve my long-held dream of enjoying top quality ballet.

The recent purchase of a computer, and much intensive ferreting about on the net has brought me to 'Ballet talk', and I am looking forward to learning more about what has become an abiding passion within me, from people who know so much more than I do about this wonderful art form.

Just for the record, I was born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, in the UK, and have lived in Perth, Western Australia for the last twenty years. Oh, and my rather aggressive sounding 'name' is no more than a reference to the very beautiful Hawker Hunter jet aircraft.

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Thanks for such an interesting introduction, hunterman. I must admit that I was taken just a bit aback when I first saw your user name, so I appreciate you explaning the reference. :)

I am impressed by your perseverance, after disappointing experiences, in pursuing more knowledge about ballet. As you've surely noticed, we have some impressively erudite and articulate members. I hope they can help you form positive associations.

And just a wee bit :pinch: , I suppose my equivalent for your "Baby Love" is "My Girl."

Welcome to BalletTalk, with a tiny dollop of Motown on the side. :shake:

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Welcome, to Ballet Talk, hunterman. I hope you'll have time to check older threads and use the search engine. Your mention of the ballet photo that changed your life reminded me of a discussion on we had this summer (northern hemisphere :pinch: ) in which several of us wrote about a similar experience after noticing a ballet photo for the first time. By the way, we have other members in Australia, and performance reviews are posted from time to time.

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Thank you so much for your warm welcomes. I'd like to say that I have so far so found the forum to have a most convivial feel to it, without the sort of ill-disciplined ranting which has put me off joining others similarly involved with the arts. This clearly speaks of good management, and says a good deal about the sort of people who love ballet - and ballet itself. Thanks again. :tiphat:

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