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UNESCO Catalogue of Ballet films 1956-1965

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leonid, thanks for posting this fascinating and handsome document -- something of a map of the ballet world in the late fifties. It would make a great basis for a small festival if the films could be found and brought together.

Thank you for your comment.

There is I think, a problem in the appreciation of some of these films, because changes in aesthetic appreciation in populations since that period, may limit younger people in their appreciation. The shared experiences of yesterday were not open to everyone then and may have diminished further in the last 40 to 50 years with social and cultural changes.

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Maybe some of the performances would have gained charm and depth in some other ways -- like paintings in frames not of the same period. It would be a heroic task but a compilation of clips might be interesting, especially to see the remaining regional differences in classical styles. I'd like to see bits of Airs et Danses Anciens from Belgium, Rossiniana from Austria, and Piccasiada from Czechoslovakia.

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