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Francia Russell Rehearses Dutch National Ballet in "Concerto Baro

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Part 2, where Russell speaks extensively about the music, is here:

There are about 10 seconds of Casey Herd at about 45 seconds in. (His practice clothes are, well, creative.)

Russell looks like she could step onstage now -- she's as slender as any of the dancers.

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I enjoyed watching it but was frustrated because it was so difficult to see the choreography in the clips... lots of lovely artistic detail shots, some really nice shots... but hardly any chance to see the choreography and how it is reflected in the music... perhaps because it is rehearsal footage.. just made me really want to see the ballet again. But, alas... we won't be finding that on youtube... the realities of the way the world works make that impossible I guess.

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Fascinating in so many ways-- First of all, Russell's commentary is SO intelligent -- re Bach, re the timing, re the corps especially. And the demonstrating is SO beautiful!!

But also, it's fascinating to see the kinds of articulation she's getting -- this looks MUCH more like Tanny's 50's Barocco than Suzanne's (both were broadcast -- on Canadian Broadcasting? I've seen tapes) -- the arabesques are not so high [i.e., not 6 o'clock], the quality is less melancholy -- Tanny's quality in it was actually "sunny,' even in the adage, which is not nearly as slow as Suzanne's, which was a whole minute longer than Tanny's.

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Very interesting video. Thanks, Helene. I'm astounded how marvelously -- and authoritatively -- Russell moves.

:unsure: I notice that Het Nationale Ballet is dancing 15 performances of this program ... in 14 different towns! Amsterdam is the only town to get more than one performance.

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