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Evgenia Obraztsova to perform with Royal Ballet


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News from the Royal ballet: Evgenia Obraztsova will perform Aurora in the Royal Ballet's upcoming run of the Sleeping Beauty, as a replacement for Lauren Cuthbertson. Her partner will be David Makhateli.

Great news for all Evgenia's London fans!



She'll dance on Oct 31 (1:30pm), Nov. 14th (7pm)

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Obratzova & Asylmuratova have received the 2009 Spirit of Dance (Soul of Dance), "Star" and "Teacher" awards from Russia's Ballet Magazine. Congratulations to them both! :thumbsup::flowers:

http://www.russianballet.ru/rus/soul.htm *(latest edition in Russian only).

So far, there are no official reviews for Obratzova's Aurora debut in the Messel reconstruction. This wasn't a press performance. Hopefully, there are BT'ers in London who attended who will post reports. Obratzova has two more "Beauty" performances on Nov 14 and Nov 21. She also has a Maryinsky "Giselle" on Nov 19 sandwiched in between. Her Albrecht will be L. Sarafanov.

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Soul of Dance Award + triumphs in London as Aurora in two productions (Mariinsky + Royal) SHOULD equal an elevation to Principal at the Mariinsky, non? This should confirm what most of us have kown for years.

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To not start a new thread

Here's the link to an Italian article about Evgenia's dancing in Italy in 2010, and the google translation of its parts


Evgenia Obraztsova, coming from the company of the Mariinsky Theater, has effectively played the part of the unfortunate protagonist. Her excellent technique has enabled her to overcome all academic obstacles, has beautiful feet and arms, and the lightness of her movements is enchanting. The splendid interpretation of the character was compelling, the Obraztsova Giselle is a naive, sweet and tender in his earthly life and, at the unveiling of the deception, pain and madness that arise are interpreted with great effectiveness. Her performance highlights the pathetic aspect of the character rather than his tragic and, in the supernatural in Act II, remains a line of continuity love beyond death and deception immediately.

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