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Wow. That's amazing footage. (And because of YouTube we can all see it.)

A quote from the article:

"The museum has had the footage for some time, but thought YouTube would be a good platform to show the film and the other films about her life. It's another way to bring the life of Anne Frank to the attention of younger people, and all people worldwide."

The husband and wife, who are still alive and living in the Netherlands, were contacted by the Anne Frank House in the 1990s and provided the longer video.

The Anne Frank Channel as part of a museum exhibit doesn't sound too bad.

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A ghastly aspect of this: the vicious and almost illiterate anti-Semitic "comments" posted just below the video. They are listed as having been posted "7 hours ago" and may be gone by the time anyone here checks. But .... they are beyond belief and very, very, very depressing. The hatred, cruelty and thuggery that provided the fuel for Nazism are still with us.

Edited to Add: I just went back to the link. The comments are gone. I wonder how often they reappear and must be removed. Horrible!

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