A fantastic evening tonight as ABT performed for the First time next door in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. For non-New Yorkers, AFH is the Philharmonic hall of LC, it has a permanent orchestral shell and a trapezoidal shaped stage. No Preocenium as well, so the audience watched the dancers warm up and practice. Special lighting and speakers were brought in over the stage area. My Comments: Lighting: Perfect and well done Kudos to the stage hands! Sound: Could use a little more oomph, sound was weak from the back of the house. Seats: AVH seats certainly are not like MOH, not very comfy. Good sight lines. 1st piece: Seven Sonatas Choreo Alexi Ratmanski Music: Domenico Scarletti Costumes: Holly Hynes Lights: Brad Fields Piano: Barbara Bilach Dancers: Abrera, Reyes, Kent Saveliev, Cornejo, Hornberg Nice piece, Cornejo danced with Athleticsm Julie Kent was lovely Costumes were all white but no two were identical, nicest costumes of the evening Short section had the men holding hands and dancing, I don't think I've seen that before Very Lyrical piece that flowed well 2nd piece: One of Three Choreo: Azsure Barton Music: Ravel (Violin Sonata in G) Costumes: Yannik Larivee Not my favorite piece, First section was elegent, the men in suits flirting with Murphy in a long gown, best of the three. In the next section the Men took their jackets off and pulled out their shir tails, it looked sloppy. The last section they put their jackets back on and still looked sloppy. Paloma wore a one piece suit that was ok, but did not reflect the music or dancing very well. 3rd Piece: The Dying Swan Choreo: Fokine Music: Saint-Saens Veronica Part did a magnificent job, Arms and hands were beautiful, she is very talented. This was the *only* Female-majority piece of the whole evening, ABT has great Male dancers and this was a great showcase for them. Cellist missed a note, come across as very flat. Final Piece: Everything Doesn't Happen at Once Choreo: Benjamin Millipied Music: David Lang Costumes: Karen Young Lighting: Brad Fields Mini Orchestra in the back on a small platform: Violin,Cello, Piccolo, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion. Good job gents! WOW!!!! Most of the company was in this piece, Amazing Pas de Deux by Gomes and Boylston! Simkin was amazing! The Partnering was very slow, but wonderful. Choreo was great! I want to see this again! One small section was all women, another was Simkin and the women, were they jealous of his dancing when they threw him off stage? Crew placed a square of White Marley on the floor, lighting was from above, and behind using Xenon light bulbs for a "bluish-white look" and Incandescent bulbs used for certain pieces. Lighting design was excellent! Costumes were black shorts and open vests on the men, and black leos on the women. nice to see a ballet without tights and frilly pink stuff. Very enjoyable evening.