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If you are interested in using twitter I recommend The Ballet Bag on Twitter as a good source. They are in the process of compiling lists of dance/ballet resources on twitter.

@theballetbag/dance-companies -- Following: 18 so far

@theballetbag/ballet-companies -- Following: 31 so far

@theballetbag/choreographers -- Following: 10 so far

@theballetbag/dancers-on-twitter -- Following: 40 so far

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MoveTube is Luke Jenning's discussion of ballet clips available on YouTube that is published in the Guardian (UK) newspaper since last October. He describes why particular dancers are so good with enough detail to isolate individual moves. Highly recommended.

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Pinterest (a virtual bulletin board to put up images) may be of interest to some of you.

The Australian Ballet's pin board:

Dance Magazine's pin board:

Pointe magazine's pin board:

A blog about the use of Pinterest in dance:

About Pinterest:
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