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Marjorie Mussman

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Marjorie and Jonathan met at the Joffrey when I was a dancer in the company. She was teaching company class, he was an accompanist. They later collaborated when he wrote the music for a ballet she made for Joffrey II. I received this letter today from Kim Sagami who keeps former Joffrey dancers abreast of current events.

"Dear Friends,

I’m writing you with the sad news that Marjorie died peacefully this afternoon at White Plains Hospital. She was not in great pain or distress. She was very weak towards the end, and communicating with her was difficult in the last days, but she was aware of what was happening and at peace. Katherine Gallagher and I told her as best we could about the love, thanks and prayers of all sorts from all of you that were sent to her.

I saw Marjorie frequently in the last months of her illness. Her beloved mutt, Eddy (a true gentleman of a dog), now lives with us.

A graveside service is planned for a later date at the family cemetery in Maine.

Remember her well.

With love and sadness,


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It must be noted that Marjorie was one of the heroes and heroines of the "Joffrey Renascence" of 1965, when Mr. Joffrey mounted a company and returned it to the stage under the Joffrey banner after the Harkness coup of the previous year. She was an ornament to the Joffrey, and danced beautifully in all of the schools of the Joffrey's eclectic repertory.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

May she have rest eternal,

May light everlasting shine upon her.

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I was fortunate to study with Marjorie in 1980 when she had just moved to that huge studio loft, at a time when teachers were losing their spaces. Her husband/ SO played the piano for her classes. Living in NY, literally, hand-to-mouth, I believe that I found Majorie as a teacher through Ann Marie DeAngelo. I knew immediately that her style of teaching was for me, healing and comforting and a haven in that large city. The classes were kind on the body and she always had a nice word or correction for everyone. I believe that I actually expressed to her my appreciation for her nuturing teaching style.

I'm sorry to hear that she has passed on. She is remembered and lives on through our words of her. RIP, dear one.

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