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Thanks for the link, Mme. Hermine. Lombard and Raft did two ‘dance’ movies together, ‘Bolero' and 'Rumba.' I haven't seen the latter. I did see 'Bolero' years ago and it was low camp of an amusing kind. Paramount was promoting Lombard as their sexy, slinky Orchid Lady, as I remember. (Her breakthrough comedy role in Twentieth Century was in the same year, 1934.)

I also recall a story that could be apocryphal. Lombard was famous for her free speech at press conferences, most of which never made it into print, and somebody asked her who Hollywood's most famous lover was. She responded, "George Raft," and when the reporters looked puzzled, she said, "Oh, you meant on the screen." He had quite a rep with the ladies.

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I'm sure that's right, but I seem to remember that they did do some of their own dancing. Raft had worked as a dancer before going to Hollywood, and that was definitely him in the dance scenes I remember. Lombard's another story. I'm sure she took dance lessons at some point, as the studios in those days sent their starlets to classes of all kinds, but I don't think she was ever so much as a chorus girl - she got her start in Mack Sennett comedies.

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Lombard's movement in closeup is radically different from "Lombard's" movement in long shot.

I love the way the real Lombard drags out the slow raising of the arms at the beginning. She gets quite a few measures out of that. (It's just before Raft clasps her breasts-- pre-Code? -- at around the 40 second mark.)

I also love the facial grimaces just before the finale. :crying: Passion? Terror? What? When Lombard ends up on her back at the end, she breaks into a big smile which makes me imagine that she was thinking: "Thank God THAT'S over." :flowers:

Great, unforgettable clip, Mme. Hermine.

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