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Mlle Lobstein

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the attached scan shows a photo illustration for Le Theatre (no date) of Mlle Lobstein.

the NYPL dance coll. cat. says the following about this dancer:

<<Lobstein, Mlle. Paris Opéra dancer, début 1884, "sujet" in 1887. May be Désirée Lobstein.>>

i have noted a few references to Mlle L. in ballets by Joseph Hansen for P.O.B. in particular FETE RUSSE (1893).

if any BT members with knowledge of the Paris Opera Ballet can add more data to this caption, i'd be much obliged.


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Google has several pages of references to a "Mlle. Lobstein," though not to "Desiree." Searches like this open doors to world unknown (to me at least). I was interested to find a Google Book reference to her appearance as Stella in a "dance-pantomime," Zino-Zina (1906). This was a private performance at a ducal chateau.


There are several photos of Mlle. Lobstein on the following website, along with a Mlle. Piodi. The ballet is "l'Etoile" (Chabrier). The photos are by Nadar. (Scroll down)


There is an interesting lead to a site called Jewish Memories, but this seems to be defunct.

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Thanks, Bart ! I also found another reference mentioning "Désiré" and "Lobstein" dancing together in Ascanio, and the following reference (which has a lot of typos...) mentions a "Mademoiselle Désiré" and a "Mademoiselle Lobstein":


The following article appears in a google search about "lobstein ballet:


There's a short excerpt:

"Lobstein, an of the ballet of the Opera, in a dress of rose-colored satin. Another is the Marquise de C. in a toilet of green changeable silk with a white"

but unfortunately, the article itself isn't freely available.

(Edited to add:)

RG, there are some other photos of Melle Lobstein there:


A search on "Lobstein" gives 13 results, with some beautiful photos by Nadar.

The photos come from Chabrier's "L'étoile", and were taken by Nadar's atelier.

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Thanks, Estelle, for your research.

The photos on the government's culture site are wonderful. It took me a while to find out how to search for them. I used "Lobstein" at first, but got results only when I dropped the quotation marks. Nadar's shots of her head and upper body are amazingly beautiful. You can feel the living, breathing human being in a way that the more artificial full-length ballet poses do not suggest.

The first of your links -- archive.org -- yields the following interesting piece of casting:

Citons encore, parmi les dieux et les déesses les plus applaudis :

mesdemoiselles Lobstein, une superbe Vénus; Torri, un Apollon plein de

noblesse; Keller, Invernizzi, Ottolini, Grange, Biot, etc.

I wonder what happened to the website Jewish-Memories.com, described by Google as follows:

Jewish Memories. Corps de ballet de l\'Opéra de Paris avec Mlle Lobstein ... Jewish-memories: la plus grande collection mondiale de cartes postales anciennes sur l\'histoire ...


Jewish Memories. Corps de ballet de l'Opéra de Paris avec Mlle Lobstein ... Jewish-memories: la plus grande collection mondiale de cartes postales anciennes sur l'histoire ...


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Thanks for the links, Bart !

It seems that "Jewish memories" was a site selling postcards about Jewish themes (one of its foundators was Gérard Silvain, who owns a huge collection of such postcards), but I have no idea why it has been deactivated.

Melle Lobstein is listed in the following book (archives of the Paris Opera):


She's listed with the dates 1892-1909, but I have no idea of what it means.

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