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Interview with Patrick Corbin, Paul Taylor dancer


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Another insight into the upcoming MCB season: Kristen Kramer interviews Patrick Corbin who is staging "Company B" for Program I. Corbin has worked with the company before and has already done the casting.


Corbin mentions that Company B was choreographed with an eye to being performed by both Houston and San Francisco Ballets, so there are more balletic moves and elements than in most Taylor works. On the other hand, he mentions that Miami has advantages when it comes to dancing contemporary work like Taylor's. Villella's classes, for example, are both "weightier" and "jazzier" than most ballet company classes Corbin has observed.

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CompNY b IA great dance. It explained how and why my parents came to marry each other.......

Corbin's reflections at the end of the interview about WW2, and how the ballet reflects it, go really deep. The interviewer is a little trigger happy, but don't let her throw you off. She gets him to say amazing things.

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