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MuziekTheater Amsterdam: seating advice ?


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My husband, who goes to Amsterdam twice a month for his job, plans to attend the following program

next week (on Sept 15):


He's never been in that theater (and has never seen the Dutch National Ballet).

I was wondering if there were people here familiar enough with the theater, who would be able

to give some seating advice (for example, are there some seats to avoid...)

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Hi Estelle,

Maybe I can help; when I first discovered the ballet I used to go to the MuziekTheater nearly every week, so I think I've actually sat on pretty much all available seats! :smilie_mondieu:

There is a seating plan of the theatre here: http://www.het-ballet.nl/index.php?m=main_...p;ssm=info_plan

They have this plan at the MuziekTheater box office as well, so if your husband will get his tickets when he is already in Amsterdam, he can ask the lady or gentleman there to point out the available seats before he buys them.

The only ones I'd really recommend AGAINST are the 4th rank seats at the sides of the balconies: because of their extreme position to the side not everything on stage might be visible.

Apart from that the first rank seats are of course the best, but second rank seats are still wonderful.

The third rank seats are quite okay; however, considering the relative ticket prices (for the Footprints of Balanchine programme they are respectively €16,-, €24,- , €32,- and €39,- for 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st rank - so relative to the 2nd rank, the 3rd rank is only 25% off) I'd suggest getting a second- or first rank seat if possible. :)

I hope your husband will have a great time!

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