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Alexandra Baldina

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Sorry for all the questions. Does anyone have any idea when Alexandra Baldina might have graduated from the Imperial Ballet School and who may have been her teachers? Or a reference I could find on line for that? Thanks.

I am not sure when she graduated probably c 1903 but she was a member of the company from 1905-1910. Which is odd, as dancers would generally join the company the year of their graduation.

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if i have picked through the Russian texts i have reliably, A.V. Baldina graduated from the Theater Street school in 1903; was a corps de ballet in St. Petersburg in '04 and was transferred to Moscow's Bolshoi Theater in '05 where she remained until '10, whence she left Russia for good. (her Bolshoi rep. included: Lilac, Aurora, the Gold Fish and Myrta.)

o'course she danced the Prelude in the Paris, '09 premiere of LES SYLPHIDES w/ Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.

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