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"The Genius of Christopher Marlowe" - short film

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I'm hoping that this short film of monologues and scenes from Christopher Marlowe's plays -- or the planned expansion into a full-length film -- will make its way across the Atlantic. It's currently playing in London at the Rose Theater museum in London. (The Rose is the OTHER Elizabethan theater in London -- the one that didn't have Shakespeare, but DID have Marlowe, the most popular serious playwright of his day.)

I can't imagine a better group of players for this kind of work. Among the performers, all of whom who worked for free:

-- Antony Sher, a "Pirates-of-the-Caribbean" Tamburlaine;

-- Harriet Walter's grief-stricken Zabina, also from Tamburlaline;

-- Joseph Fiennes as Edward II ("what are kings when regiment is gone?"

-- Henry Goodman as Barabas, the Jew of Malta;

-- Anton Lesser and Tobias Menzies in a a battle of "wits and endurance" between Faust and Mephistopheles (Dr. Faustus);

-- Ian McKellen, as the old Faust plea-bargaining with God;

-- Alan Richman's "spine-chilling Duke of Guise from The Massacre at Paris."

Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi provide the continuity.

According to Laurie Maguire in the Times Literary Supplement (Aug. 14, 2009):

In its next incarnation (within, it is hoped, six months) this film, currently showing on a two-dimensional screen, will be realized in the form in which [designer Bill] Dudley originally planned it: a 3D virtual reality presentation with the actors appearing and vanishing like ghosts from the stage of the Rose.[ Paul Marcus has clearly directed the film with this in mind: the actors fade in and out of the stage. And at moments of particular pollitical relevance, the actors briefly fade in and out of modern dress, an unaffected homage to Marlow, our enduring contemporary.

Have any of our U.K. members heard about this? Or seen it?

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