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Pavlova and Volinine

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this undated, uncaptioned scan is a publicity still for one of Pavlova's tours in which she was partnered by Aleksandr Volinine.

having now consulted Money's ANNA PAVLOVA: Her Life and Art, it would seem safe to date this photo around 1914, and identify the work depicted as WALPURGIS NIGHT [see below, which tho' not stated by the NYPL, the ballerina danced opposite Volinine at NYC's Metropolitan Opera]; the work seemingly remained in Pavlova's repertory through the mid-1920s? [see the Lazarrini's PAVLOVA: REPERTOIRE OF A LEGEND] and seems to have been advertised with photos such as this one. Pavlova appeared in this work as "Helen of Troy"; Volinine, as, her 'partner'?

Walpurgis-night: Chor: Ivan Clustine; mus: Charles Gounod (ballet music from Faust); scen: S. Sime. Perf: Pavlova Ballet.


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