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Video of Russian/Chechen dancer Mahmud Esambayev

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This is astonishing dancing! I took the liberty, innopac, of changing your thread title by adding "moon walk," in the hopes of attracting more people to watch the video. Esambaev's dancing fuses orientalism and ballet (esp. the feet) in a way I don't remember seeing elsewhere.

I didn't know his name before innopac's post, but definitely would like to learn more about the dancer.

P.S. The "moon walk," amazingly fluid and controlled, occurs at around the 1-minute point.

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This is astonishing dancing!

I am so glad you think so too, Bart :(

Here is an informative essay about Esambayev. I have also written to the youtube uploader of the clip hoping this was taken from a dvd.... but he had no more information.

I found out about the dvd of Swan Lake that Esambayev is in (as Rothbart) while looking for filmed performances of Valery Panov. And after watching the entire ballet on youtube I just got so excited because I fell in love with the ballerina Yelena Yevteyeva. I have ordered the dvd and it can't come soon enough!

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