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PNB School Videos on PNB Website

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I just found a page of short videos of the PNB School on the PNB website:


The video entitled "PNB's Summer Intensive 2009" gives a short glimpse of Peter Boal teaching the Men's class. It's a thrill to see so many boys/young men crowded into the studio.

In the video entitled "PNB 2009 Summer Course", a couple of women are interviewed about what it's like to take company class, with a few clips of class, but in the second half, talk about what it's like to be taught by Carla Korbes and to watch rehearsals, and there are some short snippets of Korbes in "Diamonds" and "Swan Lake" and Olivier Wever's new work with Lucien Postlewaite and Jordan Paccitti.

The PNB course "infomercial" has company clips interspersed -- there's a short clip of Casey Herd in "Ballet Imperial", I think -- and Lucien Postlewaite, Jodie Thomas, and Josh Spell speak in it.

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