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Paul Taylor Selling His House

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It's interesting to compare Taylor's situation to that of Annie Leibowitz. Both of them are the figureheads of their respective 'brands', but Leibowitz seems to have refused to assume any personal responsibility for the financial well-being of her business, whereas Taylor is ceding his personal wealth to the benefit of his organisation.

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It's interesting to compare Taylor's situation to that of Annie Leibowitz.

And to that of Merce Cunningham.

From Alma Guillermoprieto's piece in The New Yorker:

.........".his home, a top-floor loft on one of the noisier stretches of Sixth Avenue. I had never been there, and it took me a few minutes to take in the spectacular shabbiness of the place,.............It turned out that Merce, the greatest living creator of dance beauty and contemporary fusions of art forms, the inspiration to artists around the world, did not even own his own home."

It sounds sad out of context, but she goes on to say,

"There was no pathos in this discovery...............There was no discipline or self-denial involved in his neglect of his surroundings, just the carelessness of someone who woke up every morning, every day of his long, productive life, focussed on nothing but making the best dance possible that day."

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I found this very amusing. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Taylor at his Long Island home, and I think the pictures and his answers describe him perfectly. He was at odds with what I had imagined a choreographer would be like. He seems to care little for dance and yet he continues to sacrifice so much for his company...

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