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Listening to Shostakovich's 2nd piano concerto I remember seeing a ballett with that music. The company was probably American Ballet Theater in the early 80s. Who was the choreographer?

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Hi, Marcello, and welcome to BalletTalk.

ABT's Repertory Index lists a single ballet to Shostakovich, Concerto. Here are the particulars:


Music by Dimitri Shostakovich (Piano Concerto No.2, op. 102)

Choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan

Staged by Georgina Parkinson and Wendy Walker

Costumes by Santo Loquasto

Lighting by Jean Rosenthal

World Premiere: Deutsch Oper Ballet, Stadtische Opera, West Berlin, 11/30/66

Original Cast: I. Didi Carli, Falco Kapuste; II. Lynn Seymour, Rudolf Holz; III. Silvia Kesselhelm

ABT Premiere: Civic Center, Jacksonville, Florida, 3/28/67

Staged by Ray Barra

Costumes by Jurgen Rose

Cast: I. Eleanor D'Antuono, Scott Douglas; II. Toni Lander, Bruce Marks; III. Cynthia Gregory

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