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Thank you, Gina, for posting this on Bruce Bain. I only knew him for 4 years and would like to help immortalize him with some of my memories, so that he won't be gone in vain.

Bruce was very manly looking. Swashbuckling good looks, strong physique, beautiful legs and feet for a man. He did a lot of movie work and can be seen in a lot of musicals that starred Audrey Hepburn. He's very evident in "My Fair Lady" and "Doctor Doolittle", I remember.

I knew him in San Francisco Ballet, where he excelled in the drunk duo in "Filling Station" with Jocelyn Vollmar. Perfection. He was an excellent partner and a conscientious danseur. He had a very gentle nature and loved doing choreography and his own costume designs.

As often happens, we both left the company and lost communication through the years.

Man. There must be quite the ballet company in heaven, I'd say. RIP, Bruce. It was an honor to write these words for my fellow dancer.

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