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Names of Steps in Nureyev's "Don Quixote"

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What would be the name of the steps by Nureyev in:

Nureyev - Don Quixote - Entrance



0:47-0:48 jumping step to his left

BTW, what dance is that, is there a name for it?

0:58 he jumps ahead with feet underneath him

1:36 he goes in a large circle, are those jetes en tour?

1:38 and 1:41 jumps during the same motion

1:48 he knees in front of Lucette; how's that stance called?


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Jerry, again, we're a forum to discuss ballet performances, but not a school :) If you want to learn about the steps, you might want to start taking classes. But we can't go through the repertory variation by variation and give you the step names.

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