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Vanity Fair dance photo collection

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I have very fond memories of those Bruce Weber photographs from the men of NYCB article. :wub:

I love the Chris Wheeldon and Allegra Kent on the beach pictures, the first one whimsical the second evocative.

I also never thought of Damien Woetzel as being particularly sexy until I saw that shot of him dancing in that suit. He looks not only sexy but slightly, deliciously dangerous.

Thanks for the link Dale.

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In alphabetical order :wub: :

Roberto Bolle, Suzanne Farrell, Allegra Kent. Yes, we're not in the 'Most Handsome Dancer' thread, so I imagine we can be allowed freedom of unsubtle taste on this one. I definitely go for BIG STARS, and I'll even grant that the one of Allegra may well be the most beautiful in the entire collection. It's the loveliest photo I've ever seen of her.

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