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In the video, Ballet legends: the Kirov's Ninel Kurgapkina (1974), the following men are listed in the credits:

Nikolai Kovmir

Alexander Chistiakov

Sergei Vikulov

Vadim Budarin

In another thread it is mentioned that Kurgapkina dances Harlequinade with Nikolai Kovmir and Le Corsaire with Vadim Budarin.

Does anyone know who her partner is in the remaining selections?

Don Quixote

Waltz by Richard Strauss

Waltz by Shostakovich

Also, would anyone have any idea about roughly what were the dates of these performances?

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i believe Kovmir is NK's partner in DON QUIXOTE and in the Strauss WALTZ - (the footage of NK partnered by Boris Bregvadze in the WALTZ, as noted above by Mme. Hermine, is not this same footage, but is a black-and-white recording and dates, i believe, from another time - 1960 according to the notes accompanying the GLORY OF THE KIROV video on which it is included.)

the Shostakovich WALTZ might be Chistiakov - w/ whom i am not at all familiar.

as may be obvious, Vikulov is NK's partner in SLEEPING BEAUTY.

i have no idea of the dates, but i'm sure other Soviet ballet followers on BT could suggest these with some confidence.

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Thank you for that helpful information. There is a youtube with Vikulov and Komleva doing Les Sylphides but I wasn't sure if it was the same dancer.

The question about the dates was because I was wondering about Kurgapkina's age in the performances.

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