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the following was received today, Jul. 14 w/ regard to tomorrow, Jul. 15:

A segment on F. Franklin and his 95th birthday celebration is scheduled

to air tomorrow night (Wed) on the CBS Evening News. The broadcast begins

at 6:30pm on Channel 2 in New York.

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Well, I had the tv on for the half hour of the CBS news (though not an NYC station). The only arts-related tidbit was Paul Mc Cartney on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.......did he trump F. Franklin?



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Exactly what I was wondering. I recorded the whole 90-minute evening news sequence from WBBM here in Chicago, and then "searched" through it, but no Freddie. I gathered that McCartney was on to advertise his appearance on the Late Show tonight (you know, the one where Veronika Part drops in sometimes...) and I wondered whether he filled up the program's entertainment quota, or something. Searching TitanTV.com and TVGuide.com on "Franklin" didn't bring him up either. Maybe rg's sources let him down this time?

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I missed the broadcast but replayed (granted, with jucidious fast forwarding) all 18 minutes (!!!) of the evening newscast that were uploaded to the web, and no Freddie there, either.

Stay tuned, as they say.

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this is not the first time such plans for tv news have been derailed by 'bigger' news.

i'll post further word from the ABT folk if/when such gets passed along.

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all i can add is my intention to pass along any updates i learn if ABT sends further communication regarding the 'plans' for airing this segment; the cameras were much in evidence in the front-most dress circle? box on house right on the night of the perf. in question, so we know there's footage, somwhere...

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a member of ABT's staff has sent the following semi-update/alert about the fate of the FFranklin segment along w/ the following foxny link, which is a chitchat with 'mentions' of ABT - no footage etc. just passing references).

here is what the message said as of 2p.m. EST - i may be out later when the final? word comes in, yay or nay, so nothing is certain that's for sure:

<<CBS tells us the Franklin segment may run tonight [Aug. 3], but

we're waiting to get a confirmation.

There was also this on Good Day New York this morning:



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Thanks for the heads up! Although I'm beginning to suspect that they're doing this so that the 22.5 million Freddie Franklin fans will tune in and watch the whole (*$%&$A% broadcast every time they send out an announcement that he'll be on so as to boost their ratings :lol:

Hey, CBS -- run the segment, please!!!!

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