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Jose Limon/Limon Dance Company

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The company concludes its Swiss tour tonight, returns to New York for a company benefit on the 17th and then heads to Mexico for a tour:

May 20 Cuernavaca

May 22 Monterrey

May 25 Puebla

May 29-30 Mexico City

June 2 Culican

June 5 Colima

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Some last odds&ends for this year:

1) The company performs tonight at the Saratoga Perfoming Arts Center before starting a two-week residency at Adelphi University, and

2) Members of the company will perform selections from Anna Sokolow's Rooms as part of a lecture/demonstration (titled "Passion and Angst: Postwar Identity in Two Dances by Anna Sokolow") at Kaatsbaan on June 30th, and

3) Artistic Director Carla Maxwell and Lynn Garafola will discuss The Limon Company on August 3rd at Kaatsbaan.

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