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ABT tickets ordering on the Met website

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Does anybody know what happened to the ABT/Met tickets ordering system.

Earlier this season they offered excellent options to see all the seats available for a particular performance, but now seem to have gone back to the old system, where the customer can specify the desired section only and then is assigned the row/seat number. I really liked the new system so much better and am very disappointed to see it gone.

Does anybody know if this is permanent or they will eventually bring it back?

Thanks in advance!

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I think that's probably because tonight's Swan Lake was close to selling out, if not already sold out. When I looked the site two days ago and checked out tonight's performance just to see what kinds of tickets were left, the seat-choosing system didn't show up and instead it was just a picture of the seating levels. I couldn't buy a ticket online even if I wanted to. As far as I can tell, you can still choose seats online for all the other programs.

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My ticket for tonight (Ananiashvili's farewell), which I bought the first week of the season, was in the last row of the Family Circle (emphasis on "last row," as FC was my request), so I would be surprised to learn that the house wasn't completely sold out quite a while ago. FC is usually the last section to sell out.

I noticed that the Met had even taken the extra step of selling the score desks :tiphat: , which (unless I am terribly mistaken) they NEVER do for ballet any more, because you can't quite see the stage from them. I also noticed the denizens of said score desks scurrying to FC Standing Room and other nooks and crannies as soon as the houselights were down.

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