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Radio interview with Alexandra Ansanelli

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A very gentle, touching interview. Thanks kfw. I didn't know that she had scoliosis and wore (wears?) a brace when she is not dancing. (It's interesting that she doesn't make much of this and that it was the interviewer who brought it up.) I love her reticence. There's nothing about the hardships and pains. It just boils down to: "I feel it's my time."

I respect the way she admits that her dancing was tentative when she first transferred to the Royal. And I love that she seems pleased and even rather proud about what she was able to achieve after she let go and and began dancing as she knew she could.

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Yes, thank you........ her voice sounds so.... I dunno. Different than when I've heard her before.

This 2004 article from the NYT on her is still one of my favourites, and the label 'self-effacing diva' sometimes seems to fit:


The more recent NYT article, where she speaks of dance as failure, saddens me greatly:


All the reports I've had from friends still in London are that her recent performances, particularly in Rubies, have been fantastic.....

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