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Until August 20 you can watch the new Paris Opera production of Karol Szymanowski's Król Roger, starring Mariusz Kwiecien, Olga Pasichnyk and Eric Cutler, on the Internet at no charge. If you're expecting Byzantine opulence, the production is disappointing, but the music, of course, is gorgeous.


Since the opera is shown without subtitles, those unfamiliar with it may find the following background information and synopsis helpful.


This is the second complete opera I've watched on the net from the Paris Opera. I wonder whether we'll ever get a chance to watch the POB this way.

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The "English" version page -- part English, actually -- is here.


I like the non-literal POB productions. I've been curious about this since I read about it in Opera News or somewhere, so I will give it a try. I've never tried to sit through a long performance on line. But I guess it's time to discipline myself.

Thanks, volcanohunter. Members like you, who are so generous in sharing information about opportunities like this, are helpling shrink the distances and barriers separating those of us who love the classical arts.

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boos for the director.
That makes me want to watch even more! :tiphat: I hate boos for performers, but a number of big-league directors I've met seem to be so impervious to criticism or self-doubt that I doubt that they even hear them.
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