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Future ballets for Bolshoi tours at the Kennedy Center


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Dear forum,

After attending the Monday meeting with Burlaka and later learning that it's the Kennedy Center that decides what to bring on a tour, and with confirmation about a 10-year agreement that Bolshoi would visit DC annually..........

Let's voice our preferences and then send a letter / petition to Mr. Schwarzman (Chairman) & Mr. Kaiser, President to bring ballets we die for (and will be paying as patrons)

Just an idea

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Sounds good, YID. We know that SPARTAK/Spartacus is coming next year. Here is my shortlist, based on what I've seen in Moscow and elsewhere from this troupe, and knowledge of what Burlaka is preparing:

- COPPELIA reconstruction by Vikharev, after Petipa-Ceccheti...and it's short enough to fit within 3 hrs, two intermissions included!

- FLAMES OF PARIS by Ratmansky-after-Vainonen

- BRIGHT STREAM by Ratmansky (although many Kennedy Center patrons already saw this in NYC...ditto Pharaoh's D'ter)

- PHARAOH's DAUGHTER by Lacotte (inspired by memories of the Petipa)

- PAQUITA GRAND PAS as reconstructed by Burlaka in a Triple Bill that could also include Messerer's CLASS CONCERT and Tharp's UPPER ROOM with Osipova (the role that won her the Golden Mask a year ago)

- MASSINE TRIPLE BILL (Tricorne, Presages and Gaite)

- ESMERALDA as will premiere this December

- SLEEPING BEAUTY 1899 by Gorsky-after-Petipa, as will premiere in a couple of years from now...so they can bring it to DC in 2012

- if a SWAN LAKE 1895 (Petipa/Ivanov) is ever staged for the Bolshoi-- as Ratmansky mentioned in an interview long ago -- I'd add that to the short list, too. However, Burlaka never mentioned SWAN LAKE and nobody in the audience asked about it.

(YID, didn't Burlaka also mention in his talk that there are plans to revive Grigorovich's -- not Lavrovsky's -- ROMEO & JULIET? Burlaka mentioned an R&J revival when a lady in the audience praised the Bolshoi's R&J from years past. If it's the Grigorovich, I am not so interested. In fact, I'd keep most of the Grigorovich rep off my short list but that's just my personal preference.)

A Nightmare Lineup...what I hope does not come:

After Spartacus (which we know is coming): DON Q!!! (it comes to DC every 2 yrs, right?), then Grigorovich SWAN LAKE, then Grigorovich NUTCRACKER, then another DON Q, then Grigorovich GOLDEN AGE, then Grigorovich R&J, then another DON Q...you get my drift.

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- SLEEPING BEAUTY 1899 by Gorsky-after-Petipa, as will premiere in a couple of years from now...so they can bring it to DC in 2012

They could bring Acts III and IV in 2013...

:dry::toot: Yeah, this one could be a serial production, to stay within budget...

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