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Natalia had previously reported that a DVD of the Mariinsky's Firebird and (apparently rather pallid) Rite of Spring is available in Europe. I haven't yet seen it on Amazon.com, but the DVD is available for pre-order on Canadian Amazon, and the release date is listed as July 21.


These are the same performances that are presently showing at cinemas around the U.S., though for some reason the DVD doesn't include Les Noces.



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I don't think this Rite of Spring is pallid but rather that there is so much happening on stage that the director had no idea how to convey it on film. To be fair it must be a daunting, maybe impossible task. Still he seems to have done all the bad choices, including endless close-ups on one dancer when crowds are moving around and shots from a camera suspended right above the set which shows the symmetry within the groups of dancers, which would be interesting in a documentary, but nothing of the impression the spectator has, which is what I'm expecting as much as is possible from a good ballet video.

In short I was looking forward to seeing this Rite of Spring and was hugely disappointed. But maybe this makes me a bit too harsh...

Oh ! and the Firebird is very watchable indeed...

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