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Week 6 performances

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Just stopping by to report of Teresa Reichlen's amazing performance Saturday afternoon in Concerto Barocco. She was beautifully partnered by Justin Peck and Alina Dronova in particular stood out to me in the corps. Ellen Bar was also lovely.

Jeni Ringer (replacing Wendy Whelan) and Sebastien Marcovici cast quite a spell in Swan Lake, and the corps of Swans danced beautifully.

Les Noces was a breathtaking theatrical experience. A very varied and well danced program.

Was anyone else there?

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I saw Barocco on Sunday and also enjoyed Reichlen's performance and Ellen bar, who has made great strides over the last two seasons. But the revelation of the afternoon was Jenny Somogyi in the Verdy part in Liebslieder. She showed a depth of feeling and lyricism that I have not seen from her in past. The whole performance of this ballet was beautifully done.

The company has been dancing very well this season and all of the performances I have seen this season have had some extraordinary performances. i feel lucky to see NYCB on a regular basis.

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I was delighted when I arrived at the theater to find out that Tess Reichlin would be doing Concerto B. She was magnificent. I loved Jennie Somogyi in Lieberslieder. She was outstanding. . I've seen her in that role before. Kaitlin Gilliland replaced Whelan in Glass Pieces. She did an excellent job, but I think she and Marcovici could benefit from some additional rehearsal time together. I also saw the Opus 19/Dreamer performance last week w. Janie Taylor and Robert Fairchild. Robert Fairchild was excellent and riveting. He was also fantastic in a recent performance of Stravinsky Violin Concerto I saw. I liked Janie Taylor in Opus 19, but I prefer Wendy Whelan in the role. I also caught Tiler Peck's stunning debut in Donizetti Variations. Her partner, Gonzalo Garcia, was pretty good, but not excellent.

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