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Allisyn Paino's swan song from Ballet Austin

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Recently I saw Ms. Paino's final performance in Cinderella as she is retiring. I thought Cinderella was an appropriate ballet for her to finish off her dancing career. Her dynamic dancing has always caught my eye during Ballet Austin performances and Ballet Austin won't be the same without her. She is, I believe, staying with Ballet Austin to work as a rehersal director for the company.

I thought that Paino's dancing was strong, but you could tell she has had a few foot injuries. I loved how Ballet Austin actually used costumes and scenery worthy of such a wonderful ballet rather than their usual plain and dry costumes and sets. The dream sequence made me think of Baryshnikov and Kirkland in the final Pas de deux in Baryshnikov's Nutcracker. The lifts and costumes seemed similar to me. I thought it was lovely.

One thing I did not like was the spark that went off everytime the fairy godmother (krumpe) came on. It startled me each time and did not seem appropriate for a fairy godmother. I thought fog would have been better.

All in all, Ms. Paino has always been one of my favorite Ausitn dancers and it is sad to see her leave. Bonne chance for Paino's future!

Did any other Austinites see Paino's final performance? If so, what did you think of it? Also, does anyone have any memories of Ms. Paino they would like to share? I know other Ausitinites who know and love Ms. Paino would enjoy reading them!

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