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Kennedy Center 3rd - 7th March 2010 performances

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The troupe's activities over the next year or so are taking shape. Recently the Kennedy Center announced next Spring's two-program season:


(I believe the uncredited dancers on that page are Runqiao Du and Natalia Magnicaballi at that very telling moment in Robbins's Afternon of a Faun just after he kisses her and they turn yet again to see how they look in the studio mirror.)

Some tours are also likely to be announced shortly, including the one this October ending in Berkeley (see previous topic).

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Thanks for posting this, Jack. I especially look forward to the Donizetti-Faun-Dream-Apollo program.

Isn't it rare for Apollo to be programmed last? It's one of my favorite ballets, but it doesn't exactly make for a rousing, crowd-pleasing finale. Good for Farrell for putting where she wants it anyhow, and I think I'll like it all the more there, and come to think of it, I think she put in last when her troupe was up in the Terrace Theater. But after Donizetti there isn't much variety in the pacing, is there? It stays mostly on the dreamy side.

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And besides the question, well worth discussing, of the effect of the overall ensemble making up a given program on those watching it there are sometimes practical considerations like set-up and take-down. Both Faun and Apollo require some of that, especially as Farrell prefers the "complete" Apollo, rightly so. (That said, I imagine being on hand when Balanchine truncated Apollo and resisted the ensuing outcry with, "It's my ballet and I can do what I like with it," and saying to him, "You and only you," while still preferring the older version. "Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself...")

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