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2009 Fundraiser Goal Met

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I'm happy to announce that our joint BT/BT4D fundraiser goal has been met, as of today.

I'd like to thank everyone who donated for their generosity :lol:.

I'd also like to thank everyone who purchases from our amazon search box at the top of the site. Revenues from amazon are at least 25% of our annual budget, and every last commission helps: even when you find that $.99 used bargain from a third party-seller ( :( ), it all adds up. We get commissions on everything you buy from amazon or third-party sellers on the amazon site when you use our custom search box (here or on BT4D): everything from miso soup to chain saws to perfume to vacuum cleaners to pens to downloads to stuffed bears, as well as those quaint old stand-byes, books, by which I mean the touchable, bound, analog kind.

One request: if you search through the ASIN number (amazon's internal number), we don't get credit. Please search by name or artist or key word, and use that useful ASIN number to confirm that you've got the right product, especially critical with the sketchy info that appears with most ballet DVD's, and the unreadable cover art.

Thank you again!

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To Helene and all the Moderators...... Thank you for all of your hard work and just good old common sense in keeping this forumn the best of its type in the world!!!!!!! I think that whatever we give is a bargain. I've learned soooooo much! Ballettalk is also wonderfully entetaining. Keep up the good (and sacred) work! A Fandeballet!

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