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2009-2010 Roster Changes

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Miami City Ballet has updated their roster for next season:

Congratulations to the following for their promotions!

Alex Wong to Principal Soloist

Daniel Baker to Soloist

Cindy Huang to Corps

Elizabeth Smedley to Corps

Helen Ruiz to Corps

Nicole Stalker to Corps

The following dancers are no longer listed on the website:

Andrea Spiridonakos - Soloist

Alexandre Dufaur - Soloist

Zherlin Ndudi - Soloist

Kyra Homeres - Corps

Herberth Riascos - Corps

Amir Yogev - Corps

Lisa Reneau - Corps

Elice McKinley - Corps

Peter Doll - Company Apprentice

Gabriela Gonzalez - Company Apprentice

Carling Talcott - Student Apprentice

There are a few additions to the company: Congratulations!:

Nathalia Arja

Renan Cerdeiro

Alexandre Ferreira

MCB has added a new section to their website:

Returning Guest Artists:

Katia Carranza

Yann Trividic

Here is a link to the website:


The high turnover, as found in many companies at this time, still dismays me.

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Thanks, figurante.

I always hate to see ANYBODY leave a company, and I wish everyone well.

Dufaur was the Open Barre performance I attended last weekend, but did not dance. I like him, and he's grown a lot. I will miss him especially. He's an excellent photographer, by the way.

Zherlin Ndudi has hardly had any stage time since he arrived ... what? two years ago? ... so there is no suprise there.

Wong and Baker are no-brainers. The challenge will be to find more for them to do -- Wong especially. Both were dancing their hearts out last weekend in Quickstep, and Baker especially was in a wonderful groove.

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Us, too. Unfortunately she was a beautiful, tall dancer in what is an obvious company of very short dancers. MCB is known in the ballet world for attracting alot of shorter dancers looking for jobs. Look around to see who else is a beautiful and tall dancer at MCB who is also not being seen very often. There are only a few of them, so it is easy to pick them out! If these same "tall MCB dancers" were dancing at say, NYCB or PNB or Boston, they might be considered to be on the shorter side!!

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(He's looking forward to "Who Cares?".)

He also mentions that he'd like the chance to dance the Hoofer in Slaughter on 10th Avenue. (He took tap even before he started ballet.) I'd like to see him given the chance to stretch himself into all kinds of new kinds of roles this season.. Is size an issue in the Hoofer? I can remember only Arthur Mitchell and Damian Woetzel. Both seemed reasonable tall in relation to their Strip Tease Girls. The best pairing for Wong so far seems to be Jeanette Delgado, but I don't see her as the Strip Tease Girl.

Last time I saw Slaughter at MCB it was Jeremy Cox and the leggy Andrea Spiridonakis.

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