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Peter Pan

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Did anybody here attend yesterday's opener of Peter Pan? My husband and I plan to attend Friday's (tomorrow) performance, so any and all 'previews' are welcomed. This will be a brand-new ballet for us but I seem to recall that it was on the schedule a few years ago? [We were overseas and missed that season.] Also, we can't seem to find the name of the composer; whose music will be performed? Webre is the choreographer.

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George Jackson reviewed 'Peter Pan' for danceviewtimes. The composer is Carmon DeLeone.


Click on For Children Only?

(apologies: I haven't been able to figure out how to link from my phone, and it's not displaying the whole URL)

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I went to the Saturday matinee - guess I felt like releasing my "inner child" :wub: Lots of good things in it for all ages; a big, "theatrical" production, spectacular fly-by-wire for PP and the Darlings, plenty of jokes and clowning around, enough classical work (soloistic grand jetes, fouettes, battements, etc.) for the company to show off its chops. Norton Fantinel as PP, Jade Payette as Tinkerbell, and Amanda Cobb as Princess Tiger Liliy were great in their classical variations, as were pirates Jared Nelson and Jonathan Jordan. I hadn't seen Norton dance before, and man, was I impressed. He's quite a talent.

In the short public talk afterwards, Norton spoke about the challenges of flying by wire. He said that it felt very uncomfortable, like "wearing five dance belts at once!"

The whole thing was a lot of fun, and personally, I enjoyed it.

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As mentioned earlier, I attended the Friday evening's performance of Peter Pan. My husband and I must be 'juvenile' as we both loved it. :wub: Jared Nelson was magnificent in the title role, although I can imagine that Jonathan Jordan -- here one of the six pirates -- would be at least as great in the role. As Wendy, Maki Onuki was a total delight and technically brilliant (as always). Morgan Rose performed some impressive triple fouettes as Tiger Lily. Luis R. Torres was a hoot as Captain Hook. In fact the entire ensemble was wonderful and danced as if they were enjoying every moment, so it translated across the footlights.

The choreography was fine enough; it told the story clearly.

Best of All: The production values -- the scenic and costume designs -- were superb and appropriate for a fairy tale. Realistic and with a feeling of 'luxe'...which is a lot more that I can say about the Kirov-Mariinsky's own "fairy tale of the month,' Little Humpbacked Horse with its too-spartan designs that would delight no child.

In the 'iffy' department: that odd-but-serviceable canned music, which is a pastiche of many old tunes cobbled together by Carmon DeLeone. I could swear that I've heard every tune before, including several borrowings from the 19th-C Romantic repertoire, e.g., Sylphide....which reminds me: We will ever get tired of the Man in the Tutu joke?


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We will ever get tired of the Man in the Tutu joke?

We might, but the motley crew who attend Washington Ballet performances probably won't :0) It was pretty funny though. Jonathan Jordan and John Goding have good chemistry!

The music was really atrocious. I remember seeing this the last time it was performed (2001?) when it was at Warner Theatre, and the music wasn't quite so obviously canned, which helped a little bit.

Maki Onuki really shines -- even in choreography that seems to consist almost entirely of arabesques.

Did anyone else think that Peter Pan's costume made him look more like George of the Jungle than Peter Pan?

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