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The Ballets of Ludwig Minkus (by Robert Letellier)

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I've just ordered my copy of this book, published last year I believe..

Has anyone else read it?

There is a list of contents plus the introduction (very tantalising!) from this book here.

Seems Minkus is now finally being taken seriously (in some quarters at least).. I hope this book lives upto expectations. The very fact it was written post-Bayadere Reconstruction alone should make for fascinating reading. Now we just need a similar book on the ballets of Delibes (and perhaps those of Adam) to stand alongside this one and Roland John Wiley's invaluable one on Tchaikovsky's..

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many thanks for this info.

i had heard about this book then promptly forgot that it was out.

i see - thanks again to you post and its link to the table of contents - that the subjects include the little MLADA - the ballet that seems to have links, at least staging-wise to the way(s) in which Petipa eventually shaped The Kingdom of the Shades in LA BAYADERE.

i look forward to seeing what all this book offers.

i see the author is a Meyerbeer scholar with what seems to be sound research to his credit.

little by little, the sands of russian ballet history trickle down to us.

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