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Lenin and Stalin Prizes

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Does anyone know of a list in English of the dancers and choreographers who have won the Lenin or Stalin Prize and the year it was awarded?

I have never seen a list published in English of either the Lenin or Stalin Prize.

"It (the Lenin Prize) was created on June 23, 1925 and was awarded until 1934. In the period from 1935 to 1956, the Lenin Prize was not awarded. On August 15, 1956 it was reestablished, and continued to be awarded on every even year until 1990, on April 22 (Lenin's birthday), to individuals in the fields of science, literature, arts, architecture, and technology." " The Stalin Prize, existed from 1941 to 1954(or 1952)"

The list would inlude choreographers and dancers from all the Soviet/Russian republics. If you were interested in just the Kirov and the Bolshoi you could use the Russian Ballet Encylopedia that Grigorovich oversaw. If its urgent I can't help if its not, I will spend some time using the above encyclopedia when I am listening to music and check out the Kirov and Bolshoi for you. Let me know.

Ps Galina Ulanova won the "Stalin Prize and Medal "for valiant labour in the Patriotic War" and a Medal "for the defence of Leningrad". and a Lenin prize for ballet as well according to John Gregory's obituary.

AMENDED it appears that she won the Stalin Prize on three other occasions.

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