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I recently rented this dvd and loved it. Nurueyev's staging is lovely and so original in many dances. Why doesn't the POB film it? After seeing Aurelie Dupont dance the Adage de Vision on youtube, I'm convinced that she would be my choice to dance the title role.

Well, it actually has been filmed but long ago when the production was still new. It was shown on tv and had Noelle Pontois and Nureyev himself in the leads.

I think there in a thread from some months back on plans for a new filming of this (wonderful) production.

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Awesome! Do we know the rest of the cast on the dvd?

Marie-Agnès Gillot – Raymonda

José Martinez – Jean de Brienne

Nicolas Le Riche – Abdéram

Dorothée Gilbert – Henriette

Emilie Cozette – Clémence

Aurélia Bellet et Christophe Duquenne – Danse espagnole

Josua Hoffalt et Florian Magnenet : Bernard et Béranger

Stéphanie Romberg – La Comtesse de Doris

(according to This is a link to a site with copyright violations..com)

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