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Joffrey Info!


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Hello Everyone, I have read a lot of press about Joffrey recently and was curious about this company. Can some of you give me some info about the quality of dancers, theatre, typical season(as far as pay or weeks working) hiring etc?? Any info would be appreciated, I am interested in this company and would love any information you have to share about it. I've never seen them live either although I know they tour fairly often and come to LA a lot.Are these dancers busy and happy at the moment?? Plus I heard the city is just great! Thanks again for any feedback, I appreciate it! PS: How do you all feel Ashley is doing with the company since he has gotten in and any rumors of 09'-10' season rep?? Thanks! Cadancelover~ :)

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Ballet Talk is an audience site. What the audience knows about the Company is either public information, like descriptions of their season on the Joffrey website, which usually includes tours, the labor agreement on the AGMA site, or newspaper and magazine articles, or a review by a member. Any reviews of the Company would be found in the Joffrey Ballet sub-forum of the American Ballet Companies forum, like this thread, as would most news, although some might be in "Ballets & Choreographers", "Aesthetic Issues", or "Ballet News & Issues".

You can use the "Search" function at the top of the page to look for site information on "Joffrey" or "Joffrey Ballet".

We have a specific policy about news: it must be official. When we read or hear anything official about next season, it will be posted in one of the forums listed above.

I'm closing this thread.

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