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Never heard of this one, but it was just on Turner Classic Movies and this is some of the information on it:

Overview for The Ambassador's Daughter (1956)

A diplomat''s daughter in Paris turns a fact-finding mission into a non-stop party.

Runtime Listing: 102 mins.

Color (Technicolor)

Sound: Mono (Western Electric Sound System)


Olivia de Havilland (Joan Fiske)

John Forsythe (Daniel Sullivan)

Myrna Loy (Mrs. Cartwright)

Adolphe Menjou (Senator Jonathan Cartwright)

Tommy Noonan (Albert O'Connor)

Francis Lederer (Prince Nicholas Obelski)

Edward Arnold (Ambassador William Fiske)

Minor Watson (Gen. Andy Harvey)

(Swan Lake danced by)

Michel Renault of the Paris Opera

Claude Bessy

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I actually watched this for a bout 15 minutes today---but found it too trite---deHavilland was a bit 'long-in-the-tooth' for the part and Forsyte had no charisma as a leading man---if only had known about the SL clip---g-r-r-r

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The movie has shown up before, so it'll be back. The last time it was on I tuned out after the first twenty minutes. I didn't know there was a ballet excerpt in it either, so thanks for the heads up, Mme. Hermine. Next time I'll wait for that.

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Does anyone know what this ballet exerpt is like? Based on Turner Classic Movie's own description of everything else that trasnspires at the theater, there doesn't seem to be much time to pay attention to the ballet. :clapping:

The next evening, Al takes Danny to the ballet and, through his binoculars, sees Joan and the group in their box seats. During the performance, Danny tells Al about seeing Joan at Dior with an older man, and Al realizes this explains his friend's mistreatment of Joan the night before. Al then secretly goes to the embassy box and tells everyone what happened. At intermission, Danny refuses to acknowledge Joan when he sees her with Cartwright. Mrs. Cartwright stays in the lobby during the second act and, maintaining the guise of Joan's employer, tells Danny a story about Cartwright to provoke Danny's jealousy and protective instinct. After the performance ends, Danny insists that Joan leave Cartwright, presents her with the airplane ticket, and proposes to her, then takes a swing at Cartwright. Al faints, and Joan, who delightedly accepts Danny's proposal, apologizes to a disappointed Nicholas. When Danny learns the truth about Joan and the group, he rescinds his proposal and leaves.

Makes the plot line of Swan Lake seem positively minimalistic.

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oh i saw it in the background, though i was doing something else. it's swan lake music, and some bits of choreography that don't belong to the music that's being played and some that doesn't belong in swan lake at all, but it's definitely supposed to be swan lake; the dancers (there's a corps de ballet too) are very good dancers in what you see them do. the sections are short but interesting, interspersed between bits of action (!).

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TCM offers to e-mail you reminders of upcoming broadcasts 7 days and 24 hours before they occur. Now to determine whether I even get TCM. (Not much of a TV watcher here, but it was Dance in America that got me to buy my first TV set, and I'm only on my second one now...)

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