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Olga Lepeshinskaya's documentary

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I adore her. She certainly isn't the most refined or elegant dancer, but when she dances, that personality just sucks me right into the story or the mood, and her technique is certainly good enough so that I don't spend the time noticing that a foot isn't perfectly pointed instead of watching the whole package. She seems to put her all into every dance, she believes in what she's dancing.

I love the stories about her-how her fellow dancers had to hold her by the skirt so she wouldn't race onto the stage too soon in her overwhelming desire to dance, how she danced herself into the orchestra pit in her extravagance, how she fractured her leg in a ballet once but continued until the end, then fainted from pain at the curtain call.

She told how Stalin called her "dragonfly" and preferred that she dance in thin skirts rather than a tutu.

In WWII, she went all over the front to dance for the troops.

I wish there were more film footage of her dancing. I'm surprised she never toured in the West, as she was highly placed in the local Communist Party and I would think would have been trusted. Maybe they didn't think her style would be appreciated in the West.

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