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Adrienne Canterna

Guest laracf

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Guest dancerforlife

Actually Adrianne was a full company member for part of last season. Right now she is training at home and she is auditioning for cirqu de soleil in a few weeks.

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And her sister, Ashley, was featured in Pointe mag recently as one of the 25 to watch in 2002. What's in the water at the Kirov smile.gif


My mistake, it was Dance Mag's Anniversary edition. You're absolutely correct BalletNut smile.gif

[ February 26, 2002: Message edited by: Colleen ]

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Guest BA2's Mom

Danceforlife: I would think, correct me if I am wrong, that Ms. Leigh would have great knowledge of Adrienne Cantera and her status at Washington Ballet. Afterall, she does teach there!

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I have been wondering about the Canterna girls myself lately. I know Ashley must still be a student, but what about Adrienne? Its like she's dropped out out sight. I know her mother wasn't too keen on her moving away from home after she finished her schooling, but the last time I spoke with her was about two years ago. Does anyone have a recent update? (By the way, Ashley is the one who makes me cry, she puts her whole soul into her dancing.)

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Doris, Adrienne is keeping herself busy by taking daily classes (ballet and college classes). She is also doing guest appearances and working on a few personal/professional projects. Ashley is training for Jackson and taking classes. :)

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