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I've tried emailing the dancemedia website's web director (but if their server is down maybe that doesn't work either?). But as of today, no replies, and I still cannot access the website (5 days now), though the error message has now changed to:

HTTP 500 - internal server error

I'm beginning to detest computers and be extremely disappointed in their (dancemedia's) website management. Or lack of response, when so many are having problems.

Any technical experts out there who would care to advise?

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Oh yes I (still) am. I got to the site only once in the last 6+ days, but didn't view anything. And now I'm getting this message --and still NO access to the site

"The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server


Reason: Error reading from remote server

Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at www.dancemedia.com Port 80

(BTW: Where is this proxy server? on my computer or theirs? Please don't make me retype all those GET numbers again! What the #$^#@l is going on?!! I am so sick of this!!)

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I get your frustration. One time i even threw my old laptop out of my window thanks to a computer/related rage episode-(right to the water, from a third floor), just to regret it and keep blaming myself for a long time afterwords due to all my data loss...so breath...again...and again...and now try again.

I just did, and I DID WORK! :wink:

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