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Saturday mat, 2/14 - a ballet "high"


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To regular readers of this board, you know that I often post my gripes here. But I just have to report what a ballet "high" yesterday's matinee was. It started out with a luminous performance of Balanchine's Swan Lake with a stalwart Askegard as her prince. I always loved this version of Swan Lake, and everybody danced it beautifully. I do have a question though for those with long memories. At the end of ballet, as Von Rotbart is pulling the swans to him, didn't there used to be lighting effects that simulated lightening? And didn't the swans twirl individually rather that follow in a group? I know I'm explaining this badly but maybe someone can figure out what I'm asking. Another thing: someone asked why the black costumes for the swans. The story I heard ages ago was that NYCB had a lot of extra unused black tulle, and that was the reason for the black swans. Can anyone corroborate that?

Now I'm going to commit heresy: In the Steadfast Tin Soldier, I enjoyed Megan and Danny more than Patty/Helgi or Misha!! Shocking, I know. But there it is. Megan and Danny were absolutely mesmerizing here.

The next piece was Sean Lavery's Romeo and Juliet with Kathryn Morgan and Tyler Angle. They were as perfect a romantic partnership as one could wish for on Valentine's day. They were wonderful.

And the last heresy on this post: I thought Maria K. was better as the Striptease Girl than Suzanne. (Sorry, Farrell Fan.) Now I've shocked you, I'm sure. But Maria's interpretation was "hot" sexy whereas Suzanne's was "cool" sexy -- and it worked.

Thank you, NYCB, for a great afternoon at the ballet -- better than any chemically induced "high"!!!

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I'm glad you had such a high old time, bobbi, however heretical. Your contrasting the hot sexy Maria vs. the cool sexy Suzanne makes a lot of sense. More surprising is your enjoyment of the Steadfast Tin Soldier now more than in Patty's day, because I know that for you Patty remains incomparable. Be that as it may, it's always a pleasure reading your posts. An even greater pleasure would be to see you at the theater. Don't you frequent the second ring anymore?

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Hope to hear more about this program, especially responses to Swan Lake.

:wink: For those of us outside the daily loop of NYCB, it would be really help to have last names for dancers. "Patty" and "Suzanne" are widely known throughout BT and, indeed, across the world. "Megan " and "Danny," perhaps not so much. :beg:

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Yes, Farrell Fan, my hangout is still the Second Ring. These days I do a lot of trading tickets based on how many Balanchine ballets are on a program. I hope to see you at Ashley's first T&V this coming Saturday night (which only took 9 years)!!

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Hi. I also attended the 2/14 matinee program and I really enjoyed it as well. This is the first time I review a performance on here so I'm totally nervous!!! I do enjoy reading what everyone else writes so thank you for all the wonderful comments and opinions.

This was my first time seeing the one act Swan Lake and I really enjoyed it. Since I am used the four act saga, I felt that it ended quickly. Wendy Whelan made a beautiful lead swan and I wish I sat closer so that I could see her facial expressions and attention to detail during the pdd and the ending. Charles always dances the classical roles well (maybe because of his years at ABT). He has great stage presence and poise and it really showed in my opinion. I loved Danny Ulbricht and M. Fairchild in Tin Soldier. His ability to execute such a clean and crisp petite allegro never ceases to amaze me. I thought that they made a perfect pair for this ballet. I was a little distracted by the balloons in the background but whatever, not important. Since I am not a huge fan of Yvonne Borree (sorry those who are) I was delighted to see Kathryn Morgan as Juliet. The pdd was well danced but I didn't feel that there was a strong connection between Morgan and Angle. Perhaps because of a casting change? I hope that Morgan gets more opportunities to shine, she really has beautiful lines. I also liked the simplicity of the set and how it was very dark. I thought it contrasted Juliet's dress nicely. I guess this scene is always like that but I wasn't distracted by the scenery like I usually am in R&J. The final piece (10th Ave) was by far my favorite. Maria's long and beautiful legs and ridiculously high and perfectly timed battements were mesmerizing. I always end up going to programs where she dances the ballerina roles so I absolutely loved her as the strip tease girl. All in all, I really enjoyed this performance and I am so glad that I bought a last minute ticket. I hope that I build up more courage to write more postings on here.

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