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Board Appearance Is Changing


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No, it's not your eyesight :)

Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers are confused for one another quite often, and this has caused confusion and churn for our Moderation team.

We're tweaking the appearance of Ballet Talk to make it more distinguishable from Ballet Talk for Dancers. We're trying to avoid the usual suspects: blinding colors, drastic changes, and colors that are difficult to distinguish for people who are color blind.

Things may shift around as we test how effective the changes are.

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That is a good idea, to make the two boards optically a bit different to each other.

Well, I know you are not looking for opinions, but I quite like the way it is now - at 10:22 (GMT+1). :)

But, I will happily go with whatever you choose, I am sure.


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I think they'd look terrific in pink! :huh:
I can hear the squeals of delight! :huh:

At the moment, I think WE look fine. Just afraid that the difference may be too subtle -- depending on room lighting and (for laptops) angle of the screen.

Everyone looks good in Pink

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I think, as noted above, we're still working on it and there will be more changes. I have to say that I am not a fan of yellow :huh: (even in smilie signs) I think that the several colors makes the top look busy and is distracting. I get a jolt every time I log in -- and not because there's a change, but because of the contrast of colors.

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