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Jeanette Delgado


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Jeanette Delgado is MCB's newest pride and joy. I can’t really hide what I felt after seeing her recent Kitri in MCB's D.Q . She took me back to the glorious Havana days of those buoyant, non constrained bailarinas. Her dancing was sharp, her fouetees impeccable but more important than that, she very ALIVE. There was not overacting, just pure joy and abandonment to the role. Later one backstage I can account for her real personality, which is just as bubbly and happy as the character she played. I had the pleasure to speak to her there and then, and even with profuse sweating running down her whole body, and her pair of fully blister-covered hyper turned out feet, this girl was greeting and kissing one and every single person who approached her. It was emotional to see her tightly hugging her first ballet teacher, an older Cuban lady who was was brought to her.

I hope to see much more of her dancing in the future.

Bravo to la cubanita ! :)

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She gave many of us so much joy and uniqueness. Once in a while one sees that precious gem of a woman who steps out of the mere academical concept of "dancer" to be a full fledged "ballerina". And Jeanette Delgado IS a wonderful ballerina.

We'll miss that million dollar smile too.



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