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Dancers whose second careers are surprising

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Loudes Lopez is the executive director of Morphoses!

Lourdes, of course, was ED of the Balanchine Foundation before she went to work for Morphoses, but before the Foundation, she had a brief stint as an arts beat reporter for NBC's flagship station here in New York!

That was both surprising and, in a way, not. After seeing Lourdes lead a lecture-demo on the NYST stage when she was still a fairly new principal dancer, I had the feeling that she wanted her next career to be acting. :)

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Rahm Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff.

I've seen this piece of information several places, but no one has said anything about his training -- where was he studying?

He graduated from Evanston School of Ballet. He won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College. That college has a strong dance program. In 1981 he received his B.A., then earned a master's degree in Speech and Communication from Northwestern University in 1985. While he was an undergrad, he got his start in politics by joining the congressional campaign of David Robinson of Chicago.

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The food industry seems to be popular among retired dancers, Jock Soto and Christopher Stowell being examples.

Must have something to do with all those years of starvation.

And wasn't Rachel Moore, Executive Director of ABT, a former dancer?

Oops, you've got part of that wrong: Christopher Stowell is the Artistic Dir. of Oregon Ballet Theatre. His brother is a chef and owner of several restaurants in Seattle.

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His brother's name is Ethan and, in one of the articles about him, he ties ballet in with cooking:

How ballet influenced his cooking: “My parents ran the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company. My mom always said that to be a great dancer, you need discipline and technique. It took years for that to sink in.”

Another article begins:

When chef Ethan Stowell was a kid, he took ballet. It was in his blood. His parents had been professional dancers and then became the artistic co-directors of Pacific Northwest Ballet. Ma taught. Pa choreographed. Son sucked.

The dancing lasted only two years.

Here's a link to an article about him, for those interested:

Ethan Stowell, Christopher's brother

It's funny how he is called a German-born (which he is) chef, because one tends to think of him, then, as a German or a European who happens to be working in America, given that info.

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Thanks, Marga. Reading and thinking about the posts on this thread, it seems to me that the "discipline and technique" that Ethan Stowell mentions are something all ballet dancers share -- and something that carries over quite marvellously into other creative endeavors. :)

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Afshin Mofid, a former NYCB soloist (you can see his "Afternoon of a Faun" by googling him) is a podiatrist in Boise Idaho.

Just added: I followed one of those links, and got this story of his life. Very, very interesting.

Paul Frame (Peter's identical twin brother) is or at least was becoming a nurse/midwife. He was a soloist at NYCB while Peter (who is a trainer at SAB) was a Principal.

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Australian Ballet & NBoC dancer Geon van der Wyst is now a real estate agent.

James Kudelka went from dancer to choreographer to... artisan bread maker!

In addition to those listed above, another dancer turned photographer is NBoC/Royal Ballet's Johan Persson.

I have seen Geon dance many times and noted your comment about his current career as a Realtor. My sig other and I needed to discuss some real estate business and we contacted Geon. Such as is the art of ballet, a real estate transaction is not that dissimilar to a dance as the deal is done. It was a pleasure working with him in the selling of our home. There is life after dance.

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